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Shower steamer giftbox

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Shower Steamer Giftbox - These natural shower steamers are the perfect birthday, holiday, or anniversary gifts for your wife, girlfriend, husband, or someone special to you. 

They are wrapped in a beautiful high gloss white box 8" x 2" x 7/8" & silver tinsel ribbon. 

Place these shower steamers on the floor & use your foot to flow water to it. This creates a more relaxing and invigorating shower experience with pure, natural steamer melts infused with essential oils to help relax your mind and body, wake you up, or create an in-home spa day.

The Scents in this giftbox are: 

Citrus celebration - This scent has a has a cheery and uplifting scent that is perfect to start your day.  A beautiful blend of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime & White Grapefruit. If you love sweet you will love this scent.  Approx 60 grams.

Eucalyptus - You have been asking for Eucalyptus so we added these beauties! This Eucalyptus blend is made specifically with essential oils to penatrate and ease those sore muscles & joints. Approx 60 grams

Vanilla -  Vanilla oil lowers blood pressure, alleviates muscle tension and has a calming effect on the brain, which helps with stress, insomnia and irritability. Flower is a rose bud and color is pink. 

Grapefruit - Has a uplifting calming effect and has antibacterial properties. Grapefruit essential oil promotes mood balance and is used to treat ache.